Clive Bates (Abuja, Nigeria and London, UK)

Clive BatesClive Bates has had a diverse career in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. He started out with the IT company, IBM, then switched career to work in the environment movement. From 1997-2003 he was Director of Action on Smoking and Health (UK), campaigning to reduce the harms caused by tobacco. In 2003 he joined Prime Minister Blair’s Strategy Unit as a civil servant and worked in senior roles in the public sector and for the United Nations in Sudan. He is now Director of Counterfactual, a consulting and advocacy practise focussed on a pragmatic approach to sustainability and public health.



Dr Garrett McGovern (Dublin, Ireland)

Clive BatesDr McGovern qualified in Medicine in 1995 from Trinity College Dublin and has worked as a GP specialising in the treatment of substance misuse since the implementation of the methadone treatment protocol in 1998. He is Medical Director of the Priority Medical Clinic, a private addiction treatment programme located in South County Dublin. In January 2022 he was appointed Clinical Lead for the HSE Addiction Services in Louth Meath & The Midlands. Dr McGovern holds a Master’s degree in Clinical and Public Health Aspects of Addiction from The National Addiction Centre, King’s College London and is a Diplomate of the International Society of Addiction Medicine (ISAM). He is also one of the first members of the International Doctors for Healthy Drug Policies (IDHDP) which is an international group of medical addiction experts aiming to promote sensible drug policies. He is a trustee of the Irish Chapter of the New Nicotine Alliance which advocates smoking harm reduction and believes that smokers who want to quit should have no barriers preventing them from doing so.